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March 16, 2016

Thoughts from Sunday
In John 4, Jesus encounters a woman at Jacob's well in Samaria and asks her to give him a drink.  She's surprised that Jesus would even speak to her given that she's a woman and that Jews despised Samaritans.  Jesus uses this location to begin a conversation about spiritual thirst.  
We're all thirsty.  Some of us try to satisfy that thirst through religion and social status like Nicodemas or through romantic relationships like this woman.  Like them, we often find that the water from these wells will not satisfy for long--if at all. But true satisfaction can be found in Jesus, who satisfied every religious requirement, whose status is that of God Himself, and who comes to us as the perfect bridegroom.
As Jesus continues to reveal himself to the woman she asks him to settle a longstanding dispute 
about the location of proper worship. Jesus transcends the debate by refocusing her toward the true intent of worship. The Samaritans worshiped on Mt. Gerazim and the Jews worshiped in Jerusalem, but Jesus teaches that true worship flows through a relationship with Him whose Spirit within us will be a "fountain of water springing up into everlasting life."  (John 4:14b).
Are you thirsty?  We tend to forsake God and dig our own wells only to find that they never satisfy the deep thirst within us.  Maybe it's time we forsake our own wells and dig God through Jesus.  He alone can satisfy.

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